Professional Pickers 💁🏽

The five of us headed back down to the patch to start our second batch of picking. 

We did second picks on the peas and beans, so there wasn’t as much to get but a lot of the veg had plumped up and they were easier to see. 

It was a miracle! We weren’t in pain anymore, we weren’t exhausted and we got the technique down! Let’s just say we’re all professional now 💁🏽 although we’ve not got into the intense picking schedule yet so I’ll probably regret saying this…

My best friend on the farm also decided to join us down the patch one morning; Salty the dog! 

He started eating Luke’s beans which was greatly encouraged, so I could try and beat him. Unfortunately that tactic didn’t work, but Jess did manage to win the best picker that day with 73kg and Luke on 70kg. 

I may have only picked 44kg, but I’ll beat them one day! (Hopefully)


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