Rainbow Beach 

We had worked a pretty full on few days and we’re rewarded with a day off! It got even better because Sandi and Dave took us to Rainbow Beach.  We set off in the morning in separate cars and headed to the beach.  Connor, Lucy and I went with Sandi and her mum; we also … More Rainbow Beach 

Spa Day

As I approached my final week in Sydney before I go up to do farm work, Tash and I decided to treat ourselves to a wee spa day.  We went to Swissotel in the CBD and were greeted with slippers and a robe.  We had bought a package where a 35 minute massage and a … More Spa Day

Winter Warmer

As summer ended in Sydney, it was as if the weather went straight downhill.  The amount of rain we’ve had and the severe temperature drop was not fun at all. One thing to make myself better was to cook a nice cosy dish! Once again, I’ll state that I’m poor so the ingredients used are … More Winter Warmer

Saturday in Sydney

Normally I’m working in the restaurant during the weekends but as the weather hasn’t been so kind to us recently, I managed to get a Saturday off!  Usually I rise around 1pm and after chilling in bed, grabbing something to eat and eventually showering – I’m ready to conquer the day at around 4pm. However, … More Saturday in Sydney