Chinese New Year

January 28th brought in a second new year for me, this time a rooster was involved!  I’m of course talking about Chinese New Year. I usually never celebrate this festival but this year was different, as one of my colleagues at Poke is from Malaysia. She was educating the team on what the rooster means; … More Chinese New Year

New Year’s Day

After a fantastic night, we were up bright and early (Tash cannot sleep in to save herself) ready to enjoy New Year’s Day!  Ben was the saviour this time and cooked us a full fry up, consisting of: Bacon Sausages  Hash browns  Toast It was the best thing for a hangover. We all facetimed our … More New Year’s Day

Happy New Year!

2017 was fast approaching, I had caught up on my sleep, eaten and showered – so I was ready to party again. Literally felt like a Sim and all my needs were fully green.  I got all dressed up and headed to meet my old pal Tasha. I wish I hadn’t made myself all fancy … More Happy New Year!