The Pros and Cons of Travelling; as told by a Twenty Something

Travelling has always been in my blood; my parents met in Saudia Arabia, I always went on exotic holidays as a kid and my dreams always consisted of new destinations.  My first ‘real’ experience of travelling was when I was nineteen and I decided to travel to the USA to become a camp counsellor for … More The Pros and Cons of Travelling; as told by a Twenty Something

Saturday in Sydney

Normally I’m working in the restaurant during the weekends but as the weather hasn’t been so kind to us recently, I managed to get a Saturday off!  Usually I rise around 1pm and after chilling in bed, grabbing something to eat and eventually showering – I’m ready to conquer the day at around 4pm. However, … More Saturday in Sydney

Fusion Foods

What do Mexican and Asian cuisines have in common? They both shared a bowl to become my lunch the other day.  I was hungry and I hadn’t done a food shop so I looked through my fridge and cupboards and decided to merge two cuisines!  Here’s my recipe: 1 tbsp homemade guacamole (red onion, tomato, … More Fusion Foods

Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday had come around for another year and that only meant one thing; mandatory dessert after a mid week meal!  What I didn’t realise that it wasn’t really a normal thing to celebrate in Australia as when I mentioned the awesome gorge fest, I was greeted with very puzzled faces. Much like Bonfire Night … More Pancake Day