Camp Fire Cooking

After another tough few days on the farm; days off been stripped, a whole patch of mouldy beans and being made to weed out of control weeds, the group were working hard together to raise each other’s spirits.  So Kieren got a fire going in our camp area and we decided to do some outdoors … More Camp Fire Cooking

A 100kg Day

So we’ve been picking for two months now and I’m still bloody shite!  Everyday the top three pickers are Luke, Jess and Lucy, meanwhile Kieren, Connor and I fight not to be in last place.  The aim is to reach a 100kg total each; which the top three have hit multiple times but the three … More A 100kg Day

State of Origin

After working hard for the last few weeks, we were able to break up the picking with a barbecue and rugby game.  It’s not just your usual match though; it’s called the state of origin and its where Queensland play New South Wales over three games, to see who’s the best.  The backpackers headed over … More State of Origin

Bec’s Birthday

It was Sandi and Dave’s daughter, Bec’s, 23rd birthday and the whole farm were preparing to celebrate.  Sandi took myself, Lucy and Hannah on a veggie shop around all the local farms. It was adorable, they’d leave the produce in a wee cart and trust that you would leave money. I love rural areas.  Here … More Bec’s Birthday

Chicken Salt Chips

If you’ve ever been to Australia you will have definitely tried chicken salt chips, and if you haven’t – you have missed out!!!  Occasionally, if we’ve done really well, the wee babe Ellie will treat us to $10 worth of chips.  We had worked especially hard this week; it was a second pick, so not … More Chicken Salt Chips

Rainbow Beach 

We had worked a pretty full on few days and we’re rewarded with a day off! It got even better because Sandi and Dave took us to Rainbow Beach.  We set off in the morning in separate cars and headed to the beach.  Connor, Lucy and I went with Sandi and her mum; we also … More Rainbow Beach 

A Vegan Feast

Another newbie arrived, this time it was a female WWOOFer from England called Hannah. She wasn’t being paid to work on the farm, instead she was fed by Sandi and Dave; whilst also learning about organic farming.  Hannah added something different to the group as she was vegan, so I picked her brains on what … More A Vegan Feast